Welcome to RegiTime Poker.

My name is Paul Regan and I have been beating microstakes poker recreationally since 2008.

I have been coaching microstakes players since August 2014 and making instructional videos on youtube since January 2015. I became an instructor on www,grinderschool.com in June 2015.

Are you a recreational poker player looking to give your game a shot in the arm? Would you like the opportunity to turn your hobby into an income stream?

Do you like the idea of having your poker pay for your annual holiday, or take the sting out of the cost of Christmas/birthdays?

If you answered yes to the above, then you are in the right place.

I have a proven record of helping players just like you monetise their hobby. All you need is a passion for the game a sincere desire to improve and a positive attitude.

Those are the qualities players like Ben and Patrick brought and built on as they turned a passion into an income.

Please contact me by email at reg@holker.st via, or reg11174 on Skype to discuss how you could turn your passion into a profit!

Ben from Leeds says:

For months and months I continued to play the beautiful game of poker at a break-even level and wondered what the hell I could do turn my game into a winning one, I always felt I was a few tweaks away from becoming a winning player at 5NL.

I searched far and wide for a coach, but as a 20 year old student I found it difficult to find one at a low cost. I came across RegiTime through one of his other students but was already aware of his game thanks to his insightful posts on /r/poker.

For $30, the session I took with Reg turned me from being a break-even to a winning 5NL player, I've never learnt so much about poker that I did in that hour.

Reg was great at discovering my leaks by using Hold-Em manager stats and analysis to do, he is a great guy and very easy to work with, but he isn't scared to tell you off for making hideous mistakes, he tells it like it is!

If you're a micro-stakes player looking to turn break-even into a winner, RegiTime is the coach for you, I couldn't recommend him enough.

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Patrick from Holland says:

Prior to signing up for some coaching with Reg I was a small winning/break even player. I was utterly fed up with the game. I had tried forums, videos, playing more tables, playing more volume but nothing was moving me forward.

Essentially I was getting pretty bored of stagnating in the lowest stakes. Now step in Reg. From our 1st session Reg has been supportive and very informative quickly and clearly identifying where I was going wrong. These fixes were easy to implement with Regs guidance and very quickly got my poker game flowing again.

This provided a foundation from which to develop as a player, to see how I wanted to approach the game and most importantly to be having fun and winning some pots.We are now 4 sessions in and each time we have a session Reg is in my corner. Never making me feel stupid for errors and pointing out what has improved and what we can do next to step it up.

Its obvious once you have a session to see how much Reg cares about getting you to improve and shares in your happiness when things start to turn around.

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